The Kuklos Annual 1954, 1955 and 1956

A workaday compendium of annually updated information sold under the imprimatur of an estimable cycling writer

Ed J Burrow and Co 160pp Paperback 2’6

The Kuklos Annual was produced between 1922 and 1960 as an annual compendium of information for cyclists. By the mid-1950s, its content differed little from that available in other ‘annuals’ such as the Cyclists Touring Club handbook, and the National Cyclists’ Union Touring Handbook.

There was much general advice about choosing and maintaining a bicycle, getting fit, cycle camping and the rates for carrying cycles on trains. Part two includes a series of tour suggestions and notes of Britain’s trunk roads and the final section includes a ‘resthouse’ and repairers directory and a listing of important cycling dates.

Like its competitors, it was designed to fit in a saddle-bag pocket and, if you swoon to the smell of old paper and the sight of pen-and-ink advertisements for long-forgotten camping products, then there is a period charm to be inhaled from these volumes.

Alas, there is nothing of Fitzwater Wray from whose pen name the annual took its title in these editions. How this came to be, I have no idea. Perhaps the earlier annuals were his work and the publisher continued to publish after they had parted company. Nonetheless, it is rather sad that the reputation of such an estimable writer was squandered thus.

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